Welcome back! In the first blog article, we developed a simple Spring Boot application that prints “Hello World” to the console. In this article, we will build a ReST API that can be called by the API clients.

In a typical Spring Boot application, you will have a relational database with a number of tables that are related to each other. In this article, to keep things simple, we will focus on an application with a single table. In the next article, we will extend this example to include multiple tables and their relationships.

Let’s imagine that we are building…

In this blog article series, we will incrementally build a Spring Boot ReST API. We will start from scratch so that readers who are new to Spring Boot can easily follow along with us.

In this first article, we will develop a simple Spring Boot application that prints “Hello World” to the console.


Go to the Spring Initializr website () and create/download a Spring Boot project. Use the settings shown in the image below:


Unzip the zip file. The zip file will be unzipped into demo directory


Ensure that you have Maven and JDK 1.8 installed on…

Computer Keyboard
Computer Keyboard

Developing enterprise-grade web apps from scratch using open-source front-end and backend frameworks takes a long time. Nowadays, customers are looking for quick and cost-effective solutions and are gravitating towards using no-code and low-code app development platforms. How can full-stack developers thrive in this new world of no-code and low-code platforms?

No-code and Low-code Platforms

First, the purpose of these platforms is to increase the pool of available web app developers by tapping into the broader workforce of non-technical and semi-technical employees. Vendors have developed no-code platforms to be used by non-technical employees to build simple applications, and low-code platforms to be used by employees…

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